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Our Purpose

myNPO Guru is a nationwide consortium of subject matter experts from both the corporate and nonprofit worlds alike. We’re bridging the gap between business & philanthropy for the advancement of nonprofit missions worldwide. Together we focus on an educational & professional experience that gives existing and new NPO leaders a better way to increase their mission impact.

We’re here to help NPO leaders achieve their mission, by combining industry-wide expertise with hands-on NPO knowledge. We cultivate a learning environment that focuses on your NPO’s long-term success. Plus, 100% of our Boot Camp proceeds go towards supporting nonprofit missions worldwide.

We are committed to creating a fun educational experience, while making your NPO’s mission top priority…


A few topics we cover in Boot Camp…

As seasoned professionals and NPO experts, we assist others in successfully navigating the challenges associated with starting and operating nonprofit organizations.

Legal Structure

Which legal organizational structure is right for your NPO?

State & Federal Laws

Do I have to file State & Federal returns?
Are we required to have an EIN?

- The legal structure of your NPO requires insight into both State & Federal laws, as to avoid major penalties & fines.

The Nature of Fundraising

What is the differences between in kind and quid pro quo donations?

State-by-State Requirements

The type of donations accepted can effect the taxable income and bookkeeping requirements for your NPO.

Did you know? Each State defines the nature and solicitation of donations uniquely.

Board Member Selection

How, Where & When do I start selecting my NPO Board?

Choosing the Right Board

Can a Board Member be held liable for your NPO's actions?
What are the responsibilities of my Board Members?
- Board Member selection is one of the most critical aspects of developing your NPO.

Donor Engagement

When can I start asking people to support our NPO’s mission?

Solicitation Compliance

Do we have to have a registrant in each state?
Are we responsible for Federal or State compliance?

- Each NPO has to follow solicitation regulations and guidelines when looking to gain public support.

The Myth behind Grants

As a new NPO, grants will kick-start my mission and funding requirements…?

Specific Funding Support

A Grant will solve all my funding requirements! (False)
As a newly formed NPO, grants are key to success! (False)

- Grants are designed to support specific aspects of your NPO's mission.

Volunteer Management

What are the legal and organizational challenges created by having volunteers?

Employee vs. Volunteer

How much time can we work volunteers?
Are we responsible for Federal & State withholding's?

- There are both legal and organizational impacts from generating & maintaining a volunteer community.


Customer testimonials

Our NPO Boot Camp is designed to address the challenges of running a nonprofit organization. Our goal is to guide new NPO’s and cover specific issues experienced by existing NPO’s.


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