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Offering a Holistic and Nurturing Environment for Mission Growth

Mission-driven organizations need to remain grounded in vision and values to stay strong, relevant, and effective in today’s ever changing economic and political landscape. Our track-record in the business and nonprofit worlds — as well as educational and public sectors — helps nonprofit organizations develop and achieve greater mission impact.

We work with executives, boards, leaders, and employees at universities, educational institutions, and nonprofits to define a compelling vision and strategy for achieving goals — from the programs you run to the people you serve.

myNPOGuru.com is a collaborative education & professional consortium that focuses on combining best business practices and an NPO’s mission, to achieve long-term success. Our goal is to instill — leadership, communication, change, culture, organizational effectiveness, talent management, and employee engagement.


Great nonprofit organizations cannot be successful without great people. We rely on our people to stay innovative, adaptable, and productive in an ever-changing, market-shifting global economy. Every day nonprofits leaders are facing challenges and opportunities that require asking people to think, feel, or act differently in support of mission goals. That’s where we come in.

Our Gurus have the professional and educational backgrounds that come from decades of corporate experience and industry knowledge, but with a significant advantage: 100% of our work is dedicated to helping you roadmap your NPO’s mission, maximizing the effectiveness and value of your nonprofit organizations.

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