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Boot Camp Overview

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Welcome to myNPO Boot Camp

For millennia the term boot camp has referred to an intense training cycle that focuses on preparing individuals for career related challenges. The myNPO℠ Boot Camp helps, current and future nonprofit leaders, navigate the road ahead and offers the tools necessary to make your NPO mission a success.

Over the course of our 6 week boot camp you have access to decades of business expertise and nonprofit experience, gaining a holistic understanding of the milestones necessary for NPO success. No matter what level of success your NPO has achieved; idea, startup or on-going, our boot camp series provides you with the knowledge & insight to successfully accomplish your mission. We’re dedicated to your NPO making a difference while avoiding donor and IRS scrutiny.

We look forward to sharing with you a lifetime of business and nonprofit experience, that will assist you in your journey to make a difference. Our goal is to provide you with the critical knowledge required to successfully develop your NPO and accomplish the mission for all those in need. Please feel free to sign up today.

Our complete Boot Camp series is only $990.00 compared to taking disparate classes on individual topics that will cost you thousands of dollars.

As a special thank you to everyone participating in the inaugural myNPO Boot Camp, we would like to extend this limited time offer to the First 40 Boot Camp Participants, please enter code GfPv4KXg at registration to receive your 40% discount on the entire Boot Camp series. Thank you again for making myNPO Guru your choice for nonprofit learning and in showing your support for our showcase NPO.

Independent classes that focus on individual aspects of NPO development often create more confusion about a specific topic than help address the problem itself. The myNPO Guru Boot Camp was created to give participants a holistic overview or roadmap, if you will, that helps them identify and address specific challenges that arise during an NPO’s lifecycle.

If going to your local education center and taking a class on ‘business planning’ doesn’t explain how it relates to your nonprofit, your not alone. Our seasoned NPO Gurus have spend decades working on the ‘real-world’ issues faced by nonprofit organizations. Please feel free to reach out to one of our Gurus to see how our boot camp can help.

Our instructors will help you navigate the numerous challenges faced by todays nonprofit organizations, from IRS filings to accounting and fundraising. Each aspect of operating an NPO is meet with regulatory and compliance challenges, being unprepared and uninformed can create crippling issues for you and your mission.

Sign up today to be better prepared for face tomorrow’s challenges and keep your mission going strong.

Introduction to myNPO℠ Boot Camp (est. 30 min)
Social Enterprise or NPO? Which is best for my Mission? (est. 30 min)
State and Federal Registration Requirement Breakdown (est. 30 min)
The Road To Becoming A 501 Organization (est. 30 min)

Reviewing your Business & Legal Requirements (est. 30 min)
Form 1023, Publication 557 and Form 990 Filings (est. 1 hr)
Program & Organization Development (est. 30 min)

OpEx & CapEx Development (est. 30 min)
Fundraising & Grants (est. 1 hr)
Donor Optimization (est. 30 min)

Board Selection & Requirements (est. 30 min)
Defining Organizational Roles & Responsibilities (est. 30 min)
Develop Forecasting & Revenue Generation Models (est. 30 min)
Volunteer Recruitment & Retention (est. 30 min)

Review State & Federal Filing Requirements (est. 1 hr)
Fundraising Classifications & Legalities (est. 30 min)
Donor Database Reporting (est. 30 min)

Vendor Selection & Project Management (est. 30 min)
Strategic Planning (est. 30 min)
Accounting Requirements (est. 30 min)
Marketing, Messaging and Awareness (est. 30 min)

Space is Limited, please book early.