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Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund

ERDF was started after the Executive Director (Juli) adoptive dog Ellie became sick and had to go to the veterinarian. Ellie kept getting sick and a veterinarian radiologist suggested Ellie might have a rare lung condition. It was true. To date, Ellie has been worked on by many doctors and healthcare professionals. Ellie is lucky her owner is able to afford her care. Juli saw the sadness in the eyes of other pet owners when the families could not afford the treatment needed to make their pet well. These families often had to make the heartbreaking decision to surrender or euthanize their beloved companion. It is because Juli has been so blessed that she started ERDF in the hope that they can help families with sick or injured pets get the medical treatment they need by funding essential veterinary services for financially challenged families.

Case details

Client name:
Ellie's Rainy Day Fund
P.O. Box #340013 Beavercreek, OH 45434
February 2018
May 2018
Volunteer Management

Small Ohio based animal welfare nonprofit, Executive Director was performing 100% of administrative work. Needed more volunteers for events and to assist with some of the administrative work so Executive Director could develop relationships that would increase the impact of the mission.

Create Volunteer Management Program after consultation

  • Interview package
  • Job descriptions
  • Forms
  • Onboarding 
  • Tracking
  • Ways to appreciate volunteers

34 volunteers provided 900 hours of service in 2018, a 79% increase from 2017. 2 new volunteers now write articles and format the monthly newsletter – freeing the Executive Director to utilize her time to form relationships with donors and the community which will bring in needed funding for the mission.