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Legal & Accounting

Some of the most critical aspects of running a successful organization is keeping track of your legal and accounting obligations. State and Federal requirements are consistently changing and evolving to keep pace with public solicitors.


How do I capture and maintain our state and federal exempt status?

Legal compliance at both the state and federal levels create some of the most challenging aspects of operating a nonprofit organization. Each state has their own requirements for nonprofit registration and solicitation, keeping them in good standing requires expertise. Our consultants stay up-to-date with state & federal regulatory issues.

Regulatory & Compliance

Here are just a few ways we help keep your organization compliant and mission focused :

  • IRS Filings 990
  • State Compliance
  • Annual Budget & Reporting
  • Program Expenditure Categorization
  • Contract Engagements & Review
  • Confidentiality & Personnel Liabilities
  • Vendor Solicitation & Engagements

Key Elements:

  • Registration
  • Liabilities
  • Metrics
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